This club was founded at 25th of January 2015 and was officially registered in the Register Gütersloh, VR 1593. We are a community of breeders and lovers of the wonderful breed Cane Corso Italiano. We want to offer you a comprehensive information platform and assistance for all your questions about the breed. If you have any question, don't hestitate to ask. You will find in the menu at "Contact persons" the relevant persons for your question.


You can find breeders in Germany with their homepages and contact details.


It's our goal, to establish the breed Cane Corso Italiano (with all it's properties) in Germany and to raise awarness, as well as  educating the public about the breed, it's characteristics, the standard, the breeding, keeping and management of the race. Clarification of controlled and uncontrolled dog breed, assistance in all matters relating to the Cane Corso. Education about controlled and non controlled breeding of dogs, assistance to all questions about the Cane Corso.

The support of our members in rearing and training their dogs. Assistance from A to Z. With this club we want to promote the community, organize meetings and events. Whether nutritional counseling and rearing of pups or the attitude of the Cane Corso. Among our members we have experienced dog trainers, breeders and also a competent osteopath.

The Cane Corso e.V. is still a young association, which dedicates exclusively for the Cane Corso and aims for the recognition as official "dog breeding association" at the VDH. Our breeders and mebers have the goal to breed healthy and typical Cane Corso, which convince in all areas like family dog or tracking, rescue or companion dog. As a modern society we promote the responsible breeding and maintain the health of this wonderful and robust breed.

At the annual general meeting we will set the course for the future and each member has the opportunity to personally participate and submit a vote. The C.C.I e.V. attaches great importance to a close and trusting relationship with its members. Here the club live is maintained by events like hiking, summer festivals, seminars, visits at breeders or just an wonderful afternoon with like minded people.

The team of the Cane Corso Italiano e.V. is always avaible for all your questions about the Cane Corso.

We would be very happy if we aroused you interest at our club and if we could welcome you at one of our events.

As a member you will have complete access to the members area with all important information.

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