The Breed Cane Corso Italiano


As you can see at the name, the origin of the breed can be found in Italy.

There are a lot of assumptions about the origin and meaning of the word "Corso". If it comes from the Latin word "Cohors", it would mean "guards - protectors". But the real meaning of the word "Corso" is still controversial and unassigned. Eventhough the latin meaning of the word would fit perfectly. Guard of the house and yard. Protector of property and family.

The appearance of these dogs, as well as the expression, is full of strength and pride. This makes the Cane Corso to an unmistakable breed. The combination of athletic and powerful is unique.
In movement and in trot, the motion is light-footed and elegant. The look is sublime and proud.

With correct and careful socialization and education the Cane Corso is under it's owner's spell. Although at the same time he will always maintain to it's character and sometimes a Cane Corso will wonder to execute an instruction, in the end he will do it eventually. 

In the past it was typical to hold them in pack and use them for big game hunting. During the second world war the Cane Corso was used for pulling the ammunition carts. After the second world war the breed was nearly extinct, besides a few specimen. The reconstruction of the breed started in the year 1983 by some activists in Italy like f.e. Prof. Giovanni Bonatti and Dr. Stefano Gandolfi. After years of work and passion some lovers and breeders of the Cane Corso succeeded in getting the breed officially recognized by the ENCI in 1994. 1996 it was recognized by the FCI.

The official standard of the Cane Corso Italiano you can find here. 






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